towers & mud Al Hussein Tower
client name: Al Qalab General Construction Company
bldg. area: 100,000 m²
location: Karbala - Iraq
start date: 2013
completed: 2014
services: Architectural Design

Project Brief:

The project site is located at Karbala, Republic of Iraq.  The Project “Al Hussein Tower” is to build a tower that aims at providing luxurious construction as well rising up and reviving the surrounding area.

The site area allocated for the Tower is 2,622 sqm. The estimated total built-up area is around 100,000 sqm.

Project Components:

• Basement Floor of 38 parking lots for VIP, with Service Rooms,

• Ground Floor with Main Entrance,

• 5 Parking Floors above the ground level,

• 48 Residential Floors of 8 apartments in each floor,

• 2 Top Floors of 7 Duplexes,

Adjacent to the Tower is a Sales Center consists of a Ground Floor and upper First Floor, with a total built-up area 950 sqm.